Golden State Seafood goes the extra mile by searching for sustainable seafood that also protects the marine environment. We search for farmers that follow the  Environmental Codes of Practice, independently recognized as world leading, that direct best industry practices throughout growing and harvesting, minimizing potential effects on the environment. We make sure independent authorities also monitor the industry’s environmental performance through the resource consent process, requiring independent scientific studies to be conducted on all potential farm sites, and on-going environmental monitoring during the life of the farm. Aquaculture is considered one of the world’s most efficient forms of food production.


  • Sustainable Value Chain

    We follow the salmon from egg to finished product and aim to take good care of the environment, fish and all people involved in the production.

  • From Roe to Plate

    Follow the life cycle of the salmon from stripping, hatching, production at sea, processing and transport to the market.

  • Aquaculture

    Our fish farming activities are based on a “lasting perspective” which forms the foundations for the Group’s utilisation of coastal resources.

  • Environmental Policy

    We live off the natural resources produced in the sea and rely on these resources being properly managed so that seafood can be enjoyed for generations to come.

  • Fisheries & fishing methods

    In Norway there are strict regulations on the seafood resources to ensure sustainable management.

  • Food Safety

    We are actively involved in all parts of the value chain in order to ensure safe products for the consumer.